Disappear and Show


Disappear verb - To cease to be visible.

Show is an antonym for disappear.


Show verb - To come into view.
Usage example: another car showed just as we were thinking we'd have the whole place to ourselves

Disappear is an antonym for show in passively exhibit something topic.

Nearby Words: showy, showed, showing, showcase, shown

Common collocations

ability disappear ability show ability
someone disappear someone show someone
amount disappear amount show amount
death disappear death show death
Other words: time.

Both words in one sentence

  • Behind the Black When he enters the police station, the cops look away for a second, only for Cartman to disappear and show up behind them.
  • Out of Focus Even after Sparky disappear from the show, Poof is again completely absent from season 10 so far, although screenshots of upcoming episodes show possible future appearances of him.
    Source: Out of Focus
  • Revolution: This show kills off so many characters (or just makes them disappear) that it would take time to list them all.
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