Disappear and Vanished


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Disappear verb – To cease to be visible.
Vanished is a synonym for disappear. In some cases you can replace term "Vanished" with "Disappear", this verbs are similar.
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Synonyms for Disappear


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Vanished adjective – No longer existing.
Disappear is a synonym for vanished. You can use "Disappear" instead a verb "Vanished".
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Synonyms for Vanished

Both words in one sentence

  • Writer Delia Ephron's career also vanished, and her sister Nora's directing career would disappear for another four years before she directed what became her final film, Julie & Julia.
  • Anime / Angel Beats! Then they, too, disappear, in the same order they vanished in the episode, with Otonashi going last.
  • Film / Vanishing on 7th Street This theory is supported by the fact that shadow creatures taking the forms of those vanished start appearing after they disappear.
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