Disbelief and Theory


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Disbelief noun – Refusal to accept something as true.
Theory is an antonym for disbelief.
Nearby Words: disbelieving, disbeliever
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Theory noun – An idea that is the starting point for making a case or conducting an investigation.
Disbelief is an antonym for theory in hypothesis topic.
Nearby Words: theoretical, theoretic, theoretically, theorist, theorizing
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Similar words of disbelief
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Similar words of theory
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How words are described

initial initial disbelief initial theory
many many disbelief many theory
entire entire disbelief entire theory
personal personal disbelief personal theory
Other adjectives: persistent, advanced, prevalent, general.

Both words in one sentence

  • This happened nearly every week in the early episodes of Monk; the implausibility of Monk's theory about the crime would be met with disbelief by Captain Stottlemeyer, and usually everyone else.
  • Of course, there are Time Travel Paradoxes and Logic Bombs abound in this theory, so it definitely requires some Willing Suspension of Disbelief.
  • The Big Bang Theory featured a scene in which Penny expresses disbelief that Leonard, Howard, and Raj haven't gone fishing with their fathers before.
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