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Discern verb – To make note of (something) through the use of one's eyes.
Tell is a synonym for discern in activity topic. In some cases you can use "Tell" instead a verb "Discern", when it comes to topics like same.
Nearby Words: discerning, discernment, discernible
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Tell verb – To give an oral or written account of in some detail.
Discern is a synonym for tell in activity topic. Sometimes you can use "Discern" instead a verb "Tell", if it concerns topics such as same, ascertain.
Nearby Words: telling, teller
Synonyms for Tell

Common collocations

girl discern girl tell girl
friend discern friend tell friend
truth discern truth tell truth
name discern name tell name
Other nouns: future, time, world, location, difference, feelings, gender, lies, secrets.

Both words in one sentence

  • Only Six Faces It's very hard to tell what species some of them are meant to be without being told (Arloest is a panda; Farrago is a ferret; it's hard enough to tell them apart, let alone discern their respective species).
  • Living Lie Detector In Dora Wilk Series, Witkacy's shamanistic abilities apparently let him discern whether someone lies, tell half-truth or complete truths.
  • Also, they and all their kind have such perfect control over their emotions, they can tell lies that no supernatural power can discern as falsehoods.
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