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Discontinue verb – To bring (as an action or operation) to an immediate end.
Usage example: the editors were told to discontinue the printing of rumors in the student paper immediately

End is a synonym for discontinue in stop topic. In some cases you can use "End" instead the word "Discontinue" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like action, terminate, prevent activity from going on. popular alternative
Nearby Words: discontinuous, discontinuation, discontinuance, discontinuity, discontinuing
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End verb – To bring (as an action or operation) to an immediate end.
Usage example: unfortunately, an argument ended their date, and they're still not speaking to each other

Discontinue is a synonym for end in stop topic. You can use "Discontinue" instead a verb "End", if it concerns topics such as terminate, break off, bring to an end. popular alternative
Nearby Words: ending, ended, endless
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  • Western Animation / PB&J Otter Fortunately, no major specials such as "Hope Castle" were skipped and the network doesn't show any signs of planning to discontinue airings of the program (the first season is on the schedule once the third ends), so hopefully those skipped installments will be picked up on the back-end.
  • Copy Protection It also has the issue of possibly leaving legitimate users with an unplayable legal copy if the parent company closes or decides to discontinue support on their end and hasn't planned for anyone else to take over.
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