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Recognize and discovering are semantically related. in find topic. In some cases you can use "Recognize" instead a verb "Discovering".
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Recognize verb – To have a clear idea of.
Discovering and recognize are semantically related. Sometimes you can replace term "Discovering" with "Recognize", this verbs are similar.
Nearby Words: recognise, recognition, recognized, recognised, recognizable
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  • Manga / Seraph of the End Before discovering Mika had become a vampire, Yuu declares he will kill all vampires and even stabs Mika when he doesn't recognize Mika and thinks he is an evil vampire trying to kill Guren.
  • Film / Outrageous Fortune Sandy: (Wimpering) For a bed and a bath, I...I'd consider it— Lauren: Bite your tongue.... Literary Allusion Title: Hamlet, in case you don't recognize the quote.... Lovely Angels: Lauren and Sandy find themselves becoming this, each discovering their Hidden Badass over the course of the film. Ms.
  • Video Game / Enderal Discovering Your Own Dead Body: Happens relatively early on in the main quest, and also subverted because you and your companion rather quickly recognize it as a trick by the High Ones to confuse and deceive you.
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