Dishonest and Moral


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Dishonest adjective – Telling or containing lies.
Usage example: dishonest statements on the claims form

Moral is an antonym for dishonest in lying topic.
Nearby Words: dishonesty, dishonestly
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Moral adjective – Conforming to a high standard of morality or virtue.
Usage example: the kind of moral behavior that is expected of everyone in the parish's youth organization

Dishonest is an antonym for moral in topics: good, ethical.
Nearby Words: morality, moralistic, moralize, moralise, morale
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Similar words of dishonest
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Similar words of moral
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Things that words describes

person dishonest person moral person
character dishonest character moral character
man dishonest man moral man
people dishonest people moral people
Other nouns: characters.

Both words in one sentence

  • Evil Is Not Well Lit Interestingly enough, it has been produced in a lab: people are more likely to be dishonest/commit moral transgressions in a dark environment.
  • Film / Nightcrawler The Conscience: Frank Kruse makes it very clear several times that he objects on both legal and moral grounds to Lou's methods and the dishonest way the station spins his work.
  • Moral Myopia: While the Coalition seems to have a villain only hiring policy, your squad-mates' anger over the cruelty of the enemy seems a bit dishonest when they will actively mock and taunt enemy pilots about their friends they just killed, and how much they screamed while dying.
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