Disparity and Parity


Disparity noun - The quality or state of being different.

Parity is an antonym for disparity in equality topic.

Nearby Word: dispersion


Parity noun - The state or fact of being exactly the same in number, amount, status, or quality.
Usage example: rules requiring that there be parity in what schools spend on men's and women's sports

Disparity is an antonym for parity in odd topic.

How words are described

economic economic disparity economic parity
numerical numerical disparity numerical parity
technological technological disparity technological parity

Both words in one sentence

  • In 6 weeks the next year, the Germans had overrun the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Luxembourg (and with backup from the British), a combination which altogether had numerical parity in troops, more tanks and guns, a much slimmer disparity of aircraft, and overall much more modern equipment.
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