Dissimilar and Like


Dissimilar adjective - Being not of the same kind.
Usage example: a place where people with dissimilar backgrounds can interact

Like is an antonym for dissimilar in not alike topic.


Like adjective - Having qualities in common.
Usage example: you're not talking about like things when you compare football and golf

Dissimilar is an antonym for like in topics: similar to, similar.

Nearby Words: likely, likeness, liking, liked, likeable

Both words in one sentence

  • Bug spray commercials tend to anthropomorphize insects into talking, sometimes singing bugs that are cheerfully killed by a compound not too dissimilar to nerve gasses like Sarin.
  • Comic Book / Rachel Summers She does look incredibly like Jean, but is usually drawn looking utterly dissimilar.
  • Bonus points if the twins have dissimilar full names but usually go by nicknames which fit this trope, like Phil and Lil (full names Philip and Lillian) from Rugrats.
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