Distance and Space


Distance noun - The space or amount of space between two points, lines, surfaces, or objects.
Usage example: the distance between the earth and the sun is about 93 million miles

Space is a synonym for distance in interval topic. In some cases you can use "Space" instead a noun "Distance", when it comes to topics like place, size, amplitude, big. popular alternative


Space noun - The interval between two times.
Usage example: it all happened in the space of 10 minutes
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Synonyms for Space

Distance is a synonym for space in place topic. You can use "Distance" instead a noun "Space", if it concerns topics such as room, size, amplitude, big. popular alternative

Nearby Words: spacing, spacious, spaced, spaceship, spacer

How words are described

high high distance high space
physical physical distance physical space
safe safe distance safe space
similar similar distance similar space
Other adjectives: normal, short, sufficient, small, actual, entire, large, big, huge, little, less, limited, extra, wide, interstellar.

Both words in one sentence

  • Which is, really, still a big distance in conventional terms, but isn't that much in terms of space.
  • Stealth in Space After literally billions of years in space, asteroids have no internal heat sources left (those that had any in the first place), but they still get warmed by the sun just like anything else at a comparable distance would.
  • In the space-sim Dark Star One, all the space systems happen to have every spaceborne object you need to view within a short distance of each other, with the exception of the system where the Big Bad once was.
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