Distant and Nearby


Distant adjective - Not close in time or space.
Usage example: the distant towers were barely visible in the fog

Nearby is an antonym for distant in topics: far-off, faraway, aloof, nearest.

Nearby Words: distance, distantly


Nearby adjective - Not being distant in time, space, or significance.
Usage example: grabbed the nearby quilt and gently laid it over the sleeping child

Distant is an antonym for nearby.

Nearby Words: near, nearness

Both words in one sentence

  • Weird Moon: An enormous full moon looms over the dump and the nearby Bucket residence...with the distant but similarly gigantic Wonka Factory in silhouette before it.
  • When an observer is in motion, from side to side or vertically, distant objects will seem to move much slower than nearby objects.
  • Future Imperfect In "Living Witness", a copy of the Doctor is activated in the distant future by an alien society that had a conflict with Voyager as it passed nearby ages earlier.
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