Distinction and Identity


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Distinction noun – The quality or state of being different.
Usage example: the distinction between the two photographic prints escapes me

Identity is an antonym for distinction.
Nearby Words: distinct, distinctive, distinctly, distinctively, distinctness
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Identity noun – The state of being exactly alike.
Usage example: although the covers of the two paperback editions of the novel are different, there's a complete identity in the texts

Distinction is an antonym for identity.
Nearby Words: identify, identification, identified, identifier
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Similar words of distinction
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Similar words of identity
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How words are described

human human distinction human identity
exact exact distinction exact identity
particular particular distinction particular identity
common common distinction common identity
Other adjectives: true, strong, actual, real, little, main, unique, former, official, primary, visual, cultural.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / Italy In other words, regional identity often comes first, and there's a quite evident distinction between Northern, Central, Southern Italy and the islands.
  • Series / Sherlock Badass in a Nice Suit: Moriarty, which helps draw a sharp visual distinction between his scrubs-wearing false identity and the real Moriarty.
  • Cyber Punk This leads to a theme of "loss of distinction between real and artificial" on which philosophical and existential conflicts about transhumanism can arise, such as questions on the nature of identity and "What Measure Is a Non-Human?."
    Source: Cyber Punk
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