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Distinction noun – Exceptionally high quality.
Rank is a synonym for distinction in eminence topic. In some cases you can use "Rank" instead a noun "Distinction", when it comes to topics like excellence, prominence, renown.
Nearby Words: distinct, distinctive, distinctly, distinctively, distinctness
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Rank noun – High position within society.
Usage example: remembered as a woman of rank who socialized only with other members of the elite

Distinction is a synonym for rank in eminence topic. Sometimes you can use "Distinction" instead a noun "Rank", if it concerns topics such as high standing, often a social one.
Nearby Words: ranking, ranked, ranker
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How words are described

good good distinction good rank
special special distinction special rank
particular particular distinction particular rank
similar similar distinction similar rank
Other adjectives: common, specific, true, top, actual, real, absolute, social, major, chief, former, additional, official, greater, academic.

Both words in one sentence

  • This trope can be found in any society where rank or wealth can be inherited, if it also has a distinction between legitimate and illegitimate offspring—making it Older Than Dirt.
  • He served with distinction and never placed himself above his soldiers, feeling responsible for their lives, and shared in menial labor that his fellow officers felt was beneath their rank.
  • The World Ends with You makes no distinction between physical and magical attacks with its "Pin" system, but each pin has an assigned "rank" which places some limits on how many can be equipped simultaneously.
    Source: Spell Levels
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