Distortion and Error


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Distortion noun – The mistake of misrepresenting the facts.
Error and distortion are semantically related in misconception topic. In some cases you can use "Error" instead a noun "Distortion".
Nearby Words: distort, distorted, distorting, distorter, distortionless
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Error noun – A false idea or belief.
Usage example: the church published a list of moral errors that it considers to be at odds with its teachings

Distortion and error are semantically related in misconception topic. Sometimes you can use "Distortion" instead a noun "Error".
Nearby Words: err, erroneous, errorless
Synonyms for Error

How words are described

similar similar distortion similar error
usual usual distortion usual error
true true distortion true error
massive massive distortion massive error
Other adjectives: extreme, serious, slight, deliberate, noticeable, weird, occasional, historical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Fission Mailed: At one point during Distortion Windows, the player gets a fake "Distorted Travesty has encountered an error and must close" message.
  • Alien Geometries An interesting loading error in Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine once caused a corridor to loop back around itself into the same room that the player had just left without any perceivable distortion.
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