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Divine verb – To realize or know about beforehand.
Usage example: it was easy to divine his intention of asking his girlfriend to marry him

Predict is a synonym for divine in prophesy topic. In some cases you can use "Predict" instead a verb "Divine", when it comes to topics like foretell.
Nearby Words: divination, divinely, divined, divining, diviner
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Predict verb – To tell of or describe beforehand.
Usage example: I can't even begin to predict what housing prices will be like 30 years from now

Divine is a synonym for predict in forecast topic. You can use "Divine" instead a verb "Predict", if it concerns topics such as foretell.
Nearby Words: predictable, prediction, predicted, predicting, predictability
Synonyms for Predict

Common collocations

future divine future predict future
time divine time predict time
location divine location predict location
actions divine actions predict actions
Other nouns: futures.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / La-Mulana In the remake, you can predict if this will happen in a given room by looking for "The Eye of Divine Retribution" placed somewhere in it.
  • In Lexx, His Divine Shadow went out of his way to make the conditions of the prophecy foretelling his death at the hands of the last Brunnen-G possible just to show his contempt for the whole idea of prophecy, wrongly believing that time is not cyclical and that no one can predict the future.
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