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Diviner noun – One who predicts future events or developments.
Usage example: somehow the diviner failed to foresee her own misfortunes with the law

Seer is a synonym for diviner in foresight topic. In some cases you can use "Seer" instead a noun "Diviner", when it comes to topics like psychic, fortune-teller, prophet, soothsayer. popular alternative
Nearby Words: divine, divination, divinely, divined, divining
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Seer noun – One who predicts future events or developments.
Usage example: several leading Wall Street seers have cautioned investors to prepare for a downturn in the economy

Diviner is a synonym for seer in foresight topic. You can use "Diviner" instead a noun "Seer", if it concerns topics such as clairvoyant, prophet, soothsayer, forecaster. popular alternative
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ancient ancient diviner ancient seer

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  • Music / Sound Horizon And probably Leontius, Orpheus... Blind Seer: Misia is blinded after washing up on Lesbos's coast, after which she is rescued by Phyllis and trained as a diviner.
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