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Finding and divining are semantically related in oracular topic. In some cases you can use "Finding" instead an adjective "Divining".
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Finding noun – A decision made by a court or tribunal regarding a case it has heard.
Divining and finding are semantically related in oracular topic. Sometimes you can use "Divining" instead an adjective "Finding".
Nearby Words: find, finder
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  • Takes One to Kill One: Well, not kill, but after Raymond is utterly incapable of finding Valerie by his own, he is convinced by Valerie's father and a therapist to use Eugene (who has the exact same amount of horrible luck and klutziness) as a "divining rod" to track Valerie's whereabouts.
  • Series / Criminal Minds The Dog Bites Back: "Machismo" Doom Magnet: "Divining Rod": A woman was told that has a knack for "finding the evil in men" by her dowsing (grand?)daddy, and two serial killer boyfriends can't be wrong!
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