Dodge and Shift


Dodge noun - A clever often underhanded means to achieve an end.

Shift is a synonym for dodge in thing topic. In some cases you can use "Shift" instead the word "Dodge" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like duck, ruse, avoid. archaic substitute

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Shift noun - An action planned or taken to achieve a desired result.

Dodge is a synonym for shift in trick topic. You can use "Dodge" instead the word "Shift" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as scheme, stratagem, ruse.

How words are described

full full dodge full shift
notable notable dodge notable shift
critical critical dodge critical shift
obvious obvious dodge obvious shift
Other adjectives: simple, actual, quick, main.

Common collocations

responsibility dodge responsibility shift responsibility
parts dodge parts shift parts
time dodge time shift time
way dodge way shift way
Other words: times, attempts.

Both words in one sentence

  • Elder Toguro is of the regeneration variety, being able to instantly repair almost any wound to his body, shift his body's physical form to dodge attacks, and shift his organs throughout his body.
  • They dodge bullets, perform recon, shape-shift, whatever is necessary to find out what someone else doesn't want them to know.
    Source: Spy Bot
  • Their very presence will instantly shift the battlefield into a frantic dodge arena, and the fact that they're capable of wiping your entire squad on their own is made even more annoying by how they are almost never alone.
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