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Domain noun – A region of activity, knowledge, or influence.
Scene and domain are semantically related in sphere topic. In some cases you can use "Scene" instead a noun "Domain", when it comes to topics like territory.
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Scene noun – The place and time in which the action for a portion of a dramatic work (as a movie) is set.
Domain and scene are semantically related in sphere topic. Sometimes you can use "Domain" instead a noun "Scene", if it concerns topics such as world, territory.
Nearby Words: scenery, scenic
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How words are described

emotional emotional domain emotional scene
full full domain full scene
particular particular domain particular scene
specific specific domain specific scene
Other adjectives: short, single, small, entire, big, new, independent, last, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / The Kid (1921) The principal difference is a scene where the mother reconciles with John's father, a scene that is missing from the "authorized" version but can be found in the various public domain prints.
  • Disney Owns This Trope In the original play which is in public domain, Melchior actually rapes Wendla - but the idea of the scene was that he was fantasizing about kissing and holding her consensually.
  • Animation / Treasure of Swamp Castle Historical-Domain Character: Eugene of Savoya in the battle scene that opens the movie.
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