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Dope noun – Information not generally available to the public.
Pot is a synonym for dope in substance topic. In some cases you can use "Pot" instead a noun "Dope", when it comes to topics like weed.
Nearby Words: dopey, doped, dopy
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Pot noun – The total of the bets at stake at one time.
Dope is a synonym for pot in substance topic. You can use "Dope" instead a noun "Pot", if it concerns topics such as weed.
Nearby Words: potted, potion
Synonyms for Pot

How words are described

old old dope old pot
special special dope special pot
complete complete dope complete pot
big big dope big pot
Other adjectives: little.

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  • The non-fiction book Smokescreen by Robert Sabbag (about the dope smuggling trade) relates an incident where a Cuban hitman was sent with the protagonist Alan Long to discuss the matter of 2000 pounds of pot that drug boss Jimmy Alvarez believed had been ripped off by Long's friend Lee Carlyle.
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