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Down adjective – Feeling unhappiness.
Usage example: feeling a bit down

Low is a synonym for down in depressed topic. In some cases you can use "Low" instead the word "Down" as an adjective or a noun or an adverb, when it comes to topics like unhappy, blues, happy. informal substitute
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Low adjective – Feeling unhappiness.
Usage example: I was feeling low, and wanted to do something exciting to cheer myself up

Down is a synonym for low in depressed topic. You can use "Down" instead the word "Low" as an adjective or an adverb, if it concerns topics such as dejected, happy. popular alternative
Synonyms for Low

How words are described

short short down short low
single single down single low
slow slow down slow low
little little down little low
Other adjectives: absolute, further, brought.

Things that words describes

life down life low life
position down position low position
reputation down reputation low reputation
note down note low note
Other nouns: key.

Common collocations

bit down bit low bit
enemy down enemy low enemy

Both words in one sentence

  • Reentry Scare Descending from low orbit is much harder to screw up, as the vehicle is already very close to the atmosphere and moving parallel to it; all it has to do is slow down a bit.
    Source: Reentry Scare
  • That's ridiculously low by any standards, but apparently it wasn't good enough for them, because the last repetition of the main riff goes down another half-step.
  • Series / Yes, Dear Jimmy manages to calm her down by explaining that Greg's number is actually pathetically low.
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