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Draft verb – To pick especially for required military service.
Paint and draft are semantically related in art topic. In some cases you can use "Paint" instead a verb "Draft".
Nearby Words: drafted, drafting, draftee, drafter, draftsman
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Paint verb – To give a representation or account of in words.
Usage example: the description painted a perfect image of the sun setting over the ocean

Draft and paint are semantically related in art topic. Sometimes you can use "Draft" instead a verb "Paint", if it concerns topics such as apply colored tint.
Nearby Words: painted, painting, painter, paintwork, paintbox
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How words are described

original original draft original paint
actual actual draft actual paint
little little draft little paint

Both words in one sentence

  • Other Me Annoys Me He relents and changes the characters to not be so obviously stand-ins for his real life friends after Tom "revises" the program to paint the Doctor as an arrogant and unethical Jerk Ass so he sees how offensive his first draft was.
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