Drama and Stage


Drama noun - The public performance of plays.
Usage example: he has been interested in drama from the first time he ever saw a play
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Synonyms for Drama

Stage is a synonym for drama in show topic. In some cases you can use "Stage" instead a noun "Drama", when it comes to topics like entertainment, theatre, acting, cinema. popular alternative


Stage noun - The public performance of plays.
Usage example: drawn to the stage as a career
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Synonyms for Stage

Drama is a synonym for stage in theatre topic. You can use "Drama" instead a noun "Stage", if it concerns topics such as show, entertainment, cinema, theater life. popular alternative

Nearby Words: stagy, staged, staging, stager, stagey

How words are described

live live drama live stage
musical musical drama musical stage
full full drama full stage
normal normal drama normal stage
Other adjectives: short, original, actual, real, big, black, main, new, early, major, political.

Both words in one sentence

  • In the Japanese drama remake of Hana-Kimi, during a talent show, Ashiya's clothes were stolen, so "he" could walk onto the stage shirtless.
  • When you buy a ticket for a film or a stage show, you get two hours of drama, and that's all there is to see (until the inevitable sequel, that is).
    Source: Killer App
  • Men in White is a 1933 stage play written by Sidney Kingsley.It is a medical drama set in an urban hospital.
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