Dramatic and Impressive


Dramatic adjective - Likely to attract attention.
Usage example: a dramatic drop in the temperature overnight

Impressive is a synonym for dramatic in powerful topic. In some cases you can use "Impressive" instead an adjective "Dramatic", when it comes to topics like striking, exciting, amazing. popular alternative


Impressive adjective - Having the power to affect the feelings or sympathies.
Usage example: an impressive play about a loving family attempting to lift themselves out of poverty

Dramatic is a synonym for impressive in powerful topic. You can use "Dramatic" instead an adjective "Impressive", if it concerns topics such as grand, amazing. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • She was competent in the series, but never got to do anything really dramatic or impressive (besides getting killed by a witch three episodes in).
  • Music / The Tragically Hip For an example of how Hammy Downie can get, in the "My Music At Work" video, he manages to make hanging up a phone seem dramatic and impressive.
  • If someone swings on a chandelier then either this will be an incredibly dramatic and impressive tactic or they'll find themselves dangling helplessly in front of a villain who comments they've read too many books.
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