Dramatic and Undramatic


Dramatic adjective - Having the general quality or effect of a stage performance.
Usage example: the basketball player's dramatic announcement of his sudden retirement held everybody spellbound

Undramatic is an antonym for dramatic in topics: powerful, exciting.


Undramatic adjective - Lacking dramatic force and quality.
Usage example: moved with quiet force and undramatic bearing

Dramatic is an antonym for undramatic.

Both words in one sentence

  • While a Life Will Kill You death is very undramatic in itself, it's always very dramatic on an emotional level.
  • Series / Mad Dogs Death Is Dramatic: Most of the time averted, most deaths are brutal and undramatic, adding realistic tension to the series.
  • Death Is Dramatic Thus, if a main character dies in a decidedly undramatic or anti-climactic way, the creators are often accused of having Dropped a Bridge on Him, even if they were shooting for realism and trying to subvert the notion that Death Is Dramatic.
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