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Draw noun – A situation in which neither participant in a contest, competition, or struggle comes out ahead of the other.
Ties and draw are semantically related In some cases you can replace term "Ties" with "Draw", this nouns are similar.
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Defintions of Ties not found.
Draw and ties are semantically related in equal topic. You can use "Draw" instead the word "Ties" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as deadlock.
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  • Manga / Initial D Of note is Kyoichi Sudo, who ties with Takumi, but considers a draw on his home course a victory for the visitor.
  • Self Demonstrating / Deadpool While 'Pouches O'Plenty' still pops in to draw an issue or a cover, I'm all for breaking ties with the guy.
  • Strapped to a Bomb In one episode of Blue Bloods, an ex-con Danny put away takes his partner, Jackie, hostage and ties her to a bomb in order to draw Danny out.
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