Dreadfully and Terribly


Dreadfully adverb - Of a dreadful kind.
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Terribly is a synonym for dreadfully in extremely topic. In some cases you can use "Terribly" instead an adverb "Dreadfully", when it comes to topics like awfully, horribly, monstrously, devastatingly. popular alternative

Nearby Words: dreadful, dread, dreading


Terribly adverb - To a great degree.

Dreadfully is a synonym for terribly in very topic. You can use "Dreadfully" instead an adverb "Terribly", if it concerns topics such as awfully, horribly, monstrously, very badly. popular alternative

Nearby Word: terrible

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  • Lethal Joke Character The AMX-40 is dreadfully slow, terribly undergunned, and looks like a big steel duck.
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