Drill and Ground


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Drill verb – To make a hole or series of holes in.
Ground and drill are semantically related in train topic. In some cases you can use "Ground" instead a verb "Drill".
Nearby Words: drilling, drilled, driller
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Ground verb – To find a basis.
Drill and ground are semantically related in instruct topic. Sometimes you can use "Drill" instead a verb "Ground".
Nearby Words: grounded, groundwork, groundless, grounding, groundsman
Synonyms for Ground

How words are described

old old drill old ground
normal normal drill normal ground
common common drill common ground
actual actual drill actual ground
Other adjectives: massive, big, cold, new.

Common collocations

concept drill concept ground concept

Both words in one sentence

  • This Is a Drill Dai-Guard: When the title robot first uses its drill arm, it gets stuck in the ground and is near-impossible to control due to the torque from the drill.
  • Drill Tank Ground Man from Mega Man & Bass transforms into a triple-drill tank vehicle mode.
    Source: Drill Tank
  • This Is a Drill Knuckles and Rouge can drill into the ground after finding a certain power up too.
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