Drop and Rise


Drop noun - The act or process of going to a lower level or altitude.
Usage example: the sudden drop of the plane really shook up the passengers

Rise is an antonym for drop in topics: abandon, decrease, hole, fall, globule.

Nearby Words: dropped, dropping, droplet, dropout, dropper


Rise noun - The act or an instance of rising or climbing up.
Usage example: unfortunately, the descent of the balloon was just as swift as its rise

Drop is an antonym for rise in topics: increase, go up, get steeper, decrease, ascend.

Nearby Words: rising, risen

How words are described

low low drop low rise
special special drop special rise
long long drop long rise
better better drop better rise
Other adjectives: corresponding, original, initial, considerable, single, sharp, small, actual, entire, massive, big, extreme, huge, early, dramatic, significant, subsequent, sudden, attempted.

Common collocations

part drop part rise part
name drop name rise name
level drop level rise level
money drop money rise money

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / 3D Maze Man Only noticeable if you mod the Attract Mode to play levels from other games in the series since the Ghosts' movements will desync because of a drop/rise in their speed.
  • At the end of the episode, as the mice are walking away with their tiny arms loaded with food, we hear a drum roll, and they look up to see the rise and drop of the guillotine.
  • This also "abuses" the Mana stat, however, causing it to rise more slowly (or even drop) if done too often.
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