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Dub verb – To give a name to.
Usage example: I've dubbed my car the “Lone Ranger,” although “Loan Raider” probably would have been more apt

Label is a synonym for dub in mark topic. In some cases you can use "Label" instead a verb "Dub", when it comes to topics like name, allocation, designate, nickname.
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Label verb – To give a name to.
Usage example: in the past, teachers had a tendency to label the students “slow learners” when in fact they had treatable learning disabilities

Dub is a synonym for label in mark topic. You can use "Dub" instead a verb "Label", if it concerns topics such as call, allocation, designate.
Nearby Words: labeled, labelled, labeling
Synonyms for Label

Common collocations

character dub character label character
series dub series label series
show dub show label show
characters dub characters label characters
Other nouns: game, monster.

Both words in one sentence

  • Animation Age Ghetto This is why Disney opted to release the dub under the Miramax Films label.
  • Manga / Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman A very high-quality English dub was released by Media Blasters, under their Anime Works label.This series contains examples of: Accidental Marriage: Matsumoto accidentally saw Princess Shiina's bare skin, which according to the law of Planet Voice, means she has to either kill him or marry him.
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