Dud and Hit


Dud noun - Something that has failed.
Usage example: our first attempt was a complete dud, so we had to start over

Hit is an antonym for dud.

Nearby Word: dude


Hit noun - A person or thing that is successful.
Usage example: the new babysitter turned out to be a hit with the kids

Dud is an antonym for hit.

Nearby Word: hitting

How words are described

real real dud real hit
latest latest dud latest hit
commercial commercial dud commercial hit

Both words in one sentence

  • After a few false starts, including a guest appearance on a low-charting Johnny Cash single and a few dud releases on Columbia Records, the Oaks broke through in 1977 with the Top Ten hit "Y'all Come Back Saloon".
  • They do correctly identify "Fighting for You" as a dud single from the (unsuccessful) second album, but make no mention of the far more successful "Til I'm Holding You Again" (their second biggest chart hit).
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