Dynamic and Energetic


Dynamic adjective - Having active strength of body or mind.
Usage example: a dynamic new challenger for the title of heavyweight champion

Energetic is a synonym for dynamic in active topic. In some cases you can use "Energetic" instead an adjective "Dynamic", when it comes to topics like property, action, powerful, assertive. popular alternative


Energetic adjective - Having active strength of body or mind.
Usage example: a lifelong fitness fanatic, he remained energetic well into his 80s

Dynamic is a synonym for energetic in forceful topic. You can use "Dynamic" instead the word "Energetic" as an adjective or a noun, if it concerns topics such as property, action, powerful, active. popular alternative

Nearby Words: energy, energise, energetically, energetics, energetical

Both words in one sentence

  • Sleeping Single While technically holding to this trope, Rob and Laura Petrie of The Dick Van Dyke Show were arguably the first TV couple to be shown having an obviously dynamic and energetic romantic relationship, due to the fantastic chemistry between stars Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore.
  • Creator / Frank Tashlin Frank jumped right in, getting off to a good head start with "Porky's Poultry Plant", where he adapted live action style fast-cutting and dynamic camera angles into his cartoons, giving them a cinematic, energetic feeling lacking from Tex Avery and Friz Freleng's cartoon shorts.
  • Anime / Endride Four-Temperament Ensemble: Within the Ignauts, the dynamic leader Demetrio is sanguine, the peaceful Non-Action Guy Eljuia is phlegmatic, the energetic but cynical bruiser Louise is choleric, and the broody quiet one Felix is melancholic.
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