Early and Later


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Early adjective – Being or occurring at an early stage of development.
Usage example: early forms of life

Later is an antonym for early in topics: immediately, in the beginning, sooner than expected.
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Later adjective – Being, occurring, or carried out at a time after something else.
Usage example: the details of the plan will be filled in at a later date

Early is an antonym for later.
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Similar words of early
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Similar words of later
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Things that words describes

part early part later part
parts early parts later parts
series early series later series
scene early scene later scene
Other nouns: episode, season, example, strip, game, story, chapter, version, years, days, novels, books, chapters, stories, issues, appearances, films, stages, games, seasons, levels, versions, episodes, albums, editions.

Both words in one sentence

  • Volcano Lair Dragonriders of Pern has all "classic" Weyrs made this way (one of the rare occurrences of this trope with extinct volcanoes,) but not early or later ones.
    Source: Volcano Lair
  • Video Game / Exit Fate Conflicting Loyalty: Invoked by Angel by forcing Daniel to choose between his friendship to Jovian and his ideals early and later in the game.
  • Wild Love (1995) is a transition between the two eras, and in terms of Callahan's voice, you can hear the early and later Callahan in his mid 90s output in general.
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