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Ease verb – To free from obstruction or difficulty.
Usage example: measures intended to ease the flow of traffic during rush hour

Further is a synonym for ease in facilitate topic. In some cases you can use "Further" instead a verb "Ease", when it comes to topics like activity, alleviate.
Nearby Words: easy, eased, easing, easeful, easiness
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Further verb – To help the growth or development of.
Ease is a synonym for further in activity topic. Sometimes you can use "Ease" instead a verb "Further".
Nearby Words: furthered, furthering
Synonyms for Further

Both words in one sentence

  • The Chessmaster / Examples Using Chess Metaphors And to further drive it home, Lelouch is also an actual chessmaster, able to defeat most opponents in the actual game of chess itself with relative ease.
  • To add further insult, one of the waiters later attacks the duo with a knife and is dispatched with contemptuous ease.
  • Series / Ash vs. Evil Dead That fact that he picks it back up with (somewhat) relative ease in his 50s just further cements this.
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