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Ease verb – To make more bearable or less severe.
Usage example: grandmother's firm belief that there are few ailments that chicken soup won't ease

Moderate is a synonym for ease in relieve topic. In some cases you can use "Moderate" instead a verb "Ease", when it comes to topics like alleviate, increase, reduce, assuage.
Nearby Words: easy, eased, easing, easeful, easiness
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Moderate verb – To grow less in scope or intensity especially gradually.
Usage example: the wind began to moderate as the night wore on

Ease is a synonym for moderate in increase topic. You can use "Ease" instead a verb "Moderate", if it concerns topics such as still, lessen, alleviate, assuage.
Nearby Words: modest, moderation, moderately, moderated, modestly
Synonyms for Moderate

Common collocations

way ease way moderate way

Both words in one sentence

  • Videogame Flamethrowers Suck The flame is quite large, has moderate rangenote except when shooting straight down, and is capable of toasting multiple enemies in a single shot, burning even through vehicles with tremendous ease.
  • Video Game / Freedom Planet To top that, she can flutter jump for a moderate amount of time, which can let you either skip areas or dodge incoming attacks with ease, and her charged attack has recoil that can be exploited to get a lot of acceleration Rocket Jump style.
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