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Easy adjective – Involving minimal difficulty or effort.
Familiar is a synonym for easy in characteristic topic. In some cases you can use "Familiar" instead an adjective "Easy", when it comes to topics like behaviour, natural, good-humored. informal substitute
Nearby Words: ease, easily, easiness
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Familiar adjective – Closely acquainted.
Usage example: the little inside jokes that people who have long been familiar like to share

Easy is a synonym for familiar in friendly topic. Sometimes you can use "Easy" instead an adjective "Familiar", if it concerns topics such as behaviour, relaxed. informal substitute
Nearby Words: familiarity, familiarize, familiarise, familiarized, familiarization
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Things that words describes

person easy person familiar person
place easy place familiar place
way easy way familiar way
music easy music familiar music
Other nouns: version, enemies.

Both words in one sentence

  • This may sound easy and familiar, but Rhythm is where the trickiness comes in; the commands have to inputted in time with the music, within a certain timing window which varies from game to game.
    Source: Rhythm Game
  • If you're familiar with a particular artist's style and look, it's easy to tell what pages they've contributed.
  • The damaging wave has a buildup that should be familiar enough and easy to avoid if you're paying attention.
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