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Easy adjective – Involving minimal difficulty or effort.
Lighter is a synonym for easy. In some cases you can replace term "Lighter" with "Easy", this adjectives are similar.
Nearby Words: ease, easily, easiness
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Lighter noun – A substance used to ignite or kindle a fire.
Easy is a synonym for lighter in not heavy topic. You can use "Easy" instead an adjective "Lighter".
Nearby Words: light, lighten, lightweight, lightly, lightness
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  • Franchise / Transformers Generation 1 In a similar twist, Starscream had a lighter, more easy-on-the-ears rasp (even when screaming), than the sharp, grating and loud voice provided in earlier episodes.
  • Anime / Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion Lighter and Softer: It's easy to cite the first half as thus, and for good reason, but the entire movie is lighter and softer.
  • A deconstruction of a lighter shade comes with Luna Lovegood's Cloud Cuckoolander tendencies, which have left her an easy target of teasing and ridicule amongst the other students.
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