Easy and Naive


Easy adjective - Readily taken advantage of.
Usage example: senior citizens who are easy prey for scam artists

Naive is a synonym for easy in vulnerable topic. In some cases you can use "Naive" instead an adjective "Easy", when it comes to topics like wise, tolerant.

Nearby Words: ease, easily, easiness


Naive adjective - Readily taken advantage of.
Usage example: we get piles of junk mail because you are naive enough to keep entering these dumb contests

Easy is a synonym for naive in wise topic. Sometimes you can use "Easy" instead an adjective "Naive".

Nearby Words: naively, naivety

Both words in one sentence

  • Friend to All Living Things When sending for a new archchancellor, the wizards select Ridicully the Brown on the note that he loves nature and speaks to animals and assume that he will be very naive and easy to murder because of this trope.
  • Made even worse by the fact that many Nai'ka are quite naive, and therefore easy to exploit.
  • Series / Supergirl (2015) They see Kara as naive, while she thinks their claim of doing "what needs to be done" is an excuse for taking the easy way out.
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