Edge and Inch


Edge verb - Advance slowly, as if by inches.
Usage example: He edged towards the car

Inch is a synonym for edge in creep topic. In some cases you can use "Inch" instead a verb "Edge", when it comes to topics like defeat narrowly. popular alternative

Nearby Words: edgy, edged, edging


Inch verb - Advance slowly, as if by inches.

Edge is a synonym for inch. You can use "Edge" instead a verb "Inch". popular alternative

Nearby Word: inched

Both words in one sentence

  • Handicapped Badass Plus, there's one or another alternate universe where Clint is blind, but hasn't lost an inch of his edge; mainly, Marvel Comics 2 and Old Man Logan.
  • Kaizo Trap So you've just blasted Trypticon within an inch of his life, and he's hanging to the edge of a large hole he made in his anger.
    Source: Kaizo Trap
  • Perching on a billboard or on the fences that some building roofs have and facing the corner, and then rapidly shooting quickfire freeze grenades will have Batman slowly inch towards the edge, at which point, he'll start rising into the air.
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