Effective and Potent


Effective adjective - Producing or capable of producing a desired result.
Usage example: an effective treatment of the once-dreaded disease

Potent is a synonym for effective in convincing topic. In some cases you can use "Potent" instead an adjective "Effective", when it comes to topics like powerful, productive, effectual, successful. popular alternative


Potent adjective - Having great power or influence.
Usage example: a potent argument for expanding our program of space exploration

Effective is a synonym for potent in forceful topic. You can use "Effective" instead the word "Potent" as an adjective or a noun, if it concerns topics such as strong, effectual, useful, persuasive. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • Nevertheless, splot is a potent and effective pick-me-up with the unfortunate side effect of speeding the brain up so fast the rest of the body (such as the tongue and limbs) has a hard time catching up.
  • Characters who practice Shadow Magic revere it as a potent tool with some rather effective in-game benefits.
  • Videogame Flamethrowers Suck Still less potent than a real flamethrower, but overall far more effective than the flamethrowers seen in today's games.
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