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Effects noun – Property of a personal character that is portable but not used in business.
Stuff is a synonym for effects in belongings topic. In some cases you can use "Stuff" instead a noun "Effects".
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Stuff noun – Transportable items that one owns.
Usage example: gather up your stuff so that we can get going

Effects is a synonym for stuff in belongings topic. You can use "Effects" instead a noun "Stuff", if it concerns topics such as personal belongings.
Nearby Words: stuffy, stuffed, stuffing, stuffiness
Synonyms for Stuff

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  • Monster Delay This law emerges from the cost of special effects and the desire to keep the audience in suspense until the "good stuff" appears.
    Source: Monster Delay
  • Series / Thunderbirds Stuff Blowing Up: The special effects crew were really, really good at explosions and flames, with the result that almost every episode had a spectacular explosion of some kind at some point.
  • Useful Notes / Nintendo 64 The GPU can also process sound, but it took away processing power for other stuff like lighting effects, or system bottlenecks kept getting in the way.
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