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Efficiency noun – The power to produce a desired result.
Power and efficiency are semantically related in effectiveness topic. In some cases you can use "Power" instead a noun "Efficiency", when it comes to topics like cost-effectiveness, adeptness.
Nearby Words: efficient, efficiently, efficacy
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Power noun – The right or means to command or control others.
Efficiency and power are semantically related in cost-effectiveness topic. You can use "Efficiency" instead a noun "Power".
Nearby Words: powerful, powerhouse, powerfully, powerless, powered
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How words are described

high high efficiency high power
full full efficiency full power
low low efficiency low power
sheer sheer efficiency sheer power
Other adjectives: actual, great, absolute, incredible, less, limited, immense, amazing, greater, maximum, economic, magical, super, newfound.

Both words in one sentence

  • Gentle Giant Despite his immense raw power and efficiency on the battlefield, ultimately, it's Armstrong's compassion for the enemy that's preventing him from ever being promoted.
    Source: Gentle Giant
  • Steam Punk Code:Realize takes place in an alternate Victorian era in which steam technology has significantly advanced due to the invention of the "NeoSteam engine," which greatly improves upon the power and efficiency of steam engines.
    Source: Steam Punk
  • Literature / Tales of MU Occasionally taken Up to Eleven with adults simply dropping the main characters into life-threatening situations with remarkable power and efficiency, then being immediately ineffectual again when they should by all logic be able to undo the problem just as easily.
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