Elevated and Low


Elevated adjective - Being positioned above a surface.
Usage example: an elevated monorail that transports visitors all over the theme park

Low is an antonym for elevated in topics: highly moral or dignified, raised up.

Nearby Words: elevate, elevation, elevating, elevator


Low adjective - Having relatively little height.
Usage example: the low hedge surrounding the garden wasn't meant to keep anything out, just to look pretty

Elevated is an antonym for low in topics: low-lying, short, crude, depressed, reduced.

Both words in one sentence

  • If you're playing on an elevated difficulty or at a low level, then the Fatal Strike is a good way to finish the battle more quickly.
  • Occasionally, in areas with a low area and an elevated area in the background (like in Channel 6 news between the sets), if a player dies and flies in, instead of landing safely, they smack face-first into the wall and slide down.
  • Total Party Kill Gnomeregan, one of the low to mid-level instances in World of Warcraft, in addition to its other qualifications as a Scrappy Level, is notorious for buggy monster AI in sections with two paths, one of them elevated.
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