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Employment noun – The activity by which one regularly makes a living.
Usage example: his regular employment is that of a restaurant waiter, but he always identifies himself as an actor

Job is a synonym for employment in action topic. In some cases you can use "Job" instead a noun "Employment", when it comes to topics like performance, position, occupation, working for a living. popular alternative
Nearby Words: employ, employed, employee, employable, employer
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Job noun – An assignment at which one regularly works for pay.
Usage example: a high-paying job as a banker

Employment is a synonym for job in position topic. You can use "Employment" instead a noun "Job", if it concerns topics such as action, performance, profession. popular alternative
Nearby Word: jobless
Synonyms for Job

How words are described

steady steady employment steady job
good good employment good job
best best employment best job
better better employment better job
Other adjectives: regular, current, legitimate, proper, real, easy, new, former, official, latest, different, previous, part-time, full-time.

Both words in one sentence

  • Job-Stealing Robot Zero, hoping for a raise or promotion after twenty-five years of employment, is instead replaced by a machine that will do his job more efficiently.
  • Who was that guy, and what was the job that Gaston was supposed to be hired for remained a mystery, even for Gaston himself, hence why Gaston ended up being dubbed the "Hero-without-employment"
  • Franchise / Noob His Day in the Life from the comic explains that the employment office is refusing to help him find a job because his work experience as a professional gamer isn't taken seriously.
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