Empty and Vacant


Empty adjective - Lacking contents that could or should be present.
Usage example: the refrigerator is empty, so we'll have to eat out

Vacant is a synonym for empty in blank topic. In some cases you can use "Vacant" instead an adjective "Empty", when it comes to topics like property, full, bare, containing nothing. popular alternative

Nearby Words: emptiness, emptying, emptily


Vacant adjective - Lacking contents that could or should be present.
Usage example: a vacant room that could be converted into a classroom

Empty is a synonym for vacant in property topic. You can use "Empty" instead the word "Vacant" as an adjective or a verb, if it concerns topics such as full, blank. popular alternative

Nearby Words: vacate, vacancy, vacantly

Both words in one sentence

  • The Stoic Ridiculously pale complexion, an expression as vacant and empty as that of a corpse, and incapable of speech, so much that he requires telepathy to communicate with others when his deathly stare is insufficient.
    Source: The Stoic
  • Shaped Like Itself In the U2 song "Who's Going To Ride Your Wild Horses", Bono sings about someone who "left my heart as empty as a vacant lot".
  • Roleplay / We Are Our Avatars Several hours (and several pages) later, Pilot returns to the bar, and Human is gone—and a pile of empty coca-cola cans is sitting next to his now-vacant seat.
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