Enactment and Performance


Enactment noun - The doing of an action.
Usage example: the enactment of the murder is never actually shown on screen

Performance is a synonym for enactment in portrayal topic. In some cases you can use "Performance" instead a noun "Enactment", when it comes to topics like acting, playacting.

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Performance noun - The doing of an action.
Usage example: the performance of her nightly ritual, the taking of a warm bath, calmed her

Enactment is a synonym for performance. Sometimes you can use "Enactment" instead a noun "Performance".

How words are described

live live enactment live performance

Both words in one sentence

  • The lifestyle itself and the stereotype are exaggerated — some followers of the lifestyle go to extremes, lolifying most, if not all, aspects of their lifestyle to the point where it is nearly impossible to determine any dividing line between re-enactment/performance and actual lifestyle.
  • During the performance, the famous scene where Tosca stabs Scarpia to death gets a rather realistic re-enactment.
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