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Endure verb – To put up with (something painful or difficult).
Usage example: at some point we all have to endure the loss of a beloved pet

Stand is a synonym for endure in allow topic. In some cases you can use "Stand" instead a verb "Endure", when it comes to topics like process, accept, bear, put up with. popular alternative
Nearby Words: enduring, endurance, endurable
Synonyms for Endure


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Stand verb – To put up with (something painful or difficult).
Usage example: I don't know how you can stand that job

Endure is a synonym for stand in toleration topic. You can use "Endure" instead a verb "Stand", if it concerns topics such as allow, process, take, tolerate. popular alternative
Nearby Words: standing, stance, standee
Synonyms for Stand

Common collocations

life endure life stand life
people endure people stand people
kind endure kind stand kind
thanks endure thanks stand thanks
Other nouns: trial, company, death, time, game, pain, sunlight, times, ways.

Both words in one sentence

  • Earthbenders must stand their ground and endure what their opponents throw at them, then strike back at the right moment.
  • Literature / Sienkiewicz Trilogy Thousand-Yard Stare: After Skrzetuski's time spent in captivity, witnessing the horrors of the war firsthand, Chmielnicki can hardly stand to endure his gaze.
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