Enemy and Foe


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Enemy noun – One that is hostile toward another.
Usage example: a beloved minister with no known enemies

Foe is a synonym for enemy in love topic. In some cases you can use "Foe" instead a noun "Enemy", when it comes to topics like conflict, opponent, attackers, someone hated or competed against. popular alternative
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Foe noun – One that is hostile toward another.
Usage example: are you friend or foe?

Enemy is a synonym for foe in love topic. You can use "Enemy" instead a noun "Foe", if it concerns topics such as conflict, opponent, attackers, person who is an opponent. popular alternative
Synonyms for Foe

How words are described

human human enemy human foe
mortal mortal enemy mortal foe
old old enemy old foe
common common enemy common foe
Other adjectives: specific, regular, true, powerful, real, dangerous, main, personal, major, former, final, fallen, minor, mutual, formidable, mysterious, unknown, last, greatest, recurring, hated, invisible.

Both words in one sentence

  • Against My Religion According to his cult-religion of Jashinism, it is a sin to leave a foe/enemy/victim alive; they must be defeated and slaughtered in the most painful, blood-gushingest way possible.
  • Inertial Impalement Result: The enemy runs onto the pointy end, and there may be a moment where the hero and their enemy stare at each other before they reveal that the foe has just killed themselves.
  • Literature / The Last Battle Foe-Tossing Charge: Jewel the unicorn does this during the battle.The King's party were cutting their way right into the enemy.
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