Engineering and Technology


Engineering noun - The discipline dealing with the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems.
Usage example: he had trouble deciding which branch of engineering to study
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Synonyms for Engineering

Technology is a synonym for engineering in machinery topic. In some cases you can use "Technology" instead a noun "Engineering", when it comes to topics like mechanic. popular alternative

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Technology noun - The practical application of science to commerce or industry.
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Synonyms for Technology

Engineering is a synonym for technology in machinery topic. You can use "Engineering" instead a noun "Technology", if it concerns topics such as mechanic. popular alternative

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  • Ted Kaczynski a.k.a the Unabomber infamously wrote a lengthy manifesto explaining that technology is evil and that is why he is killing people involved in technology and engineering.
    Source: Motive Rant
  • The Ryugyu shelter in the "Ash" arc in particular was touted as a marvel of engineering and technology.
  • This shows in massive feats of engineering and technology, especially for their era.
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