Enlarge and Increase


Enlarge verb - To become greater in extent, volume, amount, or number.
Usage example: as the number of people with cell phones enlarges, more transmission towers will have to be built

Increase is a synonym for enlarge in expand topic. In some cases you can use "Increase" instead a verb "Enlarge", when it comes to topics like quantity, extend, grow, intensify. popular alternative

Nearby Words: enlargement, enlarging, enlarger


Increase verb - To make greater in size, amount, or number.
Usage example: we have to increase the number of season-ticket holders if the local sports franchise is to survive

Enlarge is a synonym for increase in grow topic. You can use "Enlarge" instead a verb "Increase", if it concerns topics such as extend, size, raise, expand. popular alternative

Common collocations

ability enlarge ability increase ability
reputation enlarge reputation increase reputation
size enlarge size increase size
factor enlarge factor increase factor

Both words in one sentence

  • Breast Expansion In the first game, there's also a spell to explicitly increase bust size... but rather than using it to enlarge breasts, you use it on a stone bust of the school's founder, making it bigger so you can climb into the school's stacks.
  • Breast Expansion In addition to a massive increase in power and a change to her hair and eye color, the transformation causes Moka's (already fairly noticeable,) breasts and buttocks to enlarge even further.
  • Square/Cube Law It gets worse when A Wizard Did It, as spells such as Enlarge Person increase the creature's weight by the usual eight times, but only increases their carry capacity by approximately 2.6 times.
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